Introducing: Trail Tote, the Solution to Your Small-Game Carrying Problems

Created for the outdoorsman and naturalist, Trail Tote is a versatile pack, designed to be the ‘extra hand’ that fishermen, small-game hunters, trappers, hikers, kayakers, and other outdoor enthusiasts so often need to help lug home their prize trophy – and their gear – after a day of adventurous trekking.

Nature lovers – whether you prefer to sit by a lake with a fishing rod, paddle out in your kayak, hike up steep trails, forage fields, or trudge through the deep woods with a rifle, bow or traps, the path to home doesn’t have to dampen your spirited day.

When you have more things to lug back than you brought with you, Trail Tote comes to the rescue!

Trail Tote is the perfect blend of lightweight and sturdy. Constructed from heavy duty 3mm neoprene double-sided polyester fabric, with 1.5’’ adjustable webbing, designed to withstand the weight of your game and gear.

Trail Tote’s Versatility and Ease-of-Use

Additionally, the tote features a loop system with four stitched connection points with a stitched in padded carry handle, to which you can attach our Carabiner Stringers for cinching almost anything.

Providing incredible mobility, these four Carabiner Stringers included, enable the tote to withstand up to 100lbs of game or gear! There’s also a nylon carry bag for easy packing and storing. 

In fact, it is created especially with game hunters and fishermen in mind. Both the top and bottom of the bag remain open. So, if you score some game that’s longer than the tote’s 24” length, it’s not a problem. 

Whatever size trophies you claim, the tote’s impressive 36’’ adjustable opening can handle them. There’s no downside to scoring big!

The 1.5’’ side-clip buckles, all with blaze orange belt loops, and the adjustable 1’’ blaze orange sternum strap to help you stand out in areas where safety plays a role, make Trail Tote an adaptable bag for meeting your needs – whether you’re an enthusiastic outdoorsman, a fisherman, a hiker, a small-game hunter, trapper, kayaker, paddle boarder, or even a nature harvester.

As outdoor enthusiasts themselves, the creators of Trail Tote know you would love a hands-free carrier that can do it all.

Gone are the days of needing to continuously switch your heavy game or adventure accessories from hand to hand to give your arms a break. 

Trail Tote Benefits

The tote supports both you and your fish, game, or gear, keeping all in pristine condition. And, when you get home, any meat will be as fresh and untarnished as it was when you first bagged it.

It can be cleaned easily to get rid of dirt, stains and the unsightly scents that are picked up in your gear. So, of course, it is machine washable. Just toss it in the washing machine and air dry it.

Quick to put on, and quick to take off, the tote is simple to open, secure, buckle, and go! 

Whether setting off on your outdoor adventure, or returning home with prize in-hand—better yet, in your Trail Tote,


Trail Tote - Camo/Orange
Trail Tote - Camo/Orange
Trail Tote - Camo/Orange
Trail Tote - Camo/Orange